Our Partners

Microsoft develops, manufacturers, licenses, supports, and sells computer software, consumer electronics, and personal computers and services. As a Microsoft Partner, we’re able to help businesses and consumers leverage innovative technology to achieve their goals, whether it’s productivity, communication, or collaboration.



Office 365, a cloud-based suite of productivity applications, includes Office Professional Plus, Exchange Online, SharePoint, and Lync Online for businesses and consumers. As an Office 365 Partner, we’re able to help businesses and consumers utilize Office 365 to access their applications and files from anywhere via their PC, Mac, or tablet.



VMware is an industry-leading virtualization software company that strives to help businesses innovative through virtualized infrastructure. As a VMware Partner, we’re able to help businesses leverage virtualized services to improve accessibility, business continuity, cost-efficiency, and sustainability.



HP (Hewlett-Packard Company) is a multinational information technology corporation that focuses primarily on the cloud, security, and big data. As an HP Partner, we’re able to help businesses procure and support printers, laptops, desktops, servers, and much more, in a cost-efficient manner.



Lenovo is one of the world’s leading personal technology companies – from innovative PCs to cutting edge mobile Internet devices. As a Lenovo Partner, we’re able to procure, support, and service equipment for businesses looking for quick and cost-efficient procurement and support.



Dell, a multinational computer technology company, has empowered countries, communities, and consumers for more than 28 years to leverage technology to help them do and achieve more. As a Dell Partner, we’re able to receive incentives & rebates to help businesses procure a wide range of technologies at a discounted rate.



Dell SonicWALL is the worldwide leader of high-performance data protection and network security solutions. As a Dell SonicWALL Partner, we’re able to help businesses maintain data security and industry-specific compliance while combating emerging security threats, including malware, viruses, spam, and more.



SherWeb is Microsoft’s Canadian Hosting Partner of the year multiple years running providing hosted services and cloud solutions that enable businesses to leverage the best email, collaboration, and backup services available. As a SherWeb Partner, we’re able to help businesses improve their communication and collaboration abilities while ensuring their data is safeguarded and recoverable. SherWeb is also Affinity’s Canadian alternative to Microsoft Office 365 for customers requiring their data to be hosted in Canada for Hosted Exchange, Lync, SharePoint and Cloud Servers.


LabTech is a leading IT automation software designed to automate IT tasks to improve day-to-day processes. As a LabTech Partner, we’re able to leverage the leading IT automation software to detect and resolve issues remotely without interrupting business workflow.



McAfee, Inc. is a global computer security software company that delivers proactive and proven solutions and services designed to secure business IT systems and networks. As a McAfee Partner, we’re able to leverage their proven solutions and services to help businesses reduce risk, ensure compliance, and achieve operational efficiencies.



Datto is a technology leader and solution innovator that offers a wide range of data storage and business continuity solutions. As a Datto Partner, we’re able to leverage their data storage and business continuity solutions to give businesses peace of mind knowing they’re able to recover business operations, no matter what disaster occurs. Affinity exclusively uses Datto’s Canadian datacenter as their preferred backup and disaster recovery solution to ensure all customer data is stored in Canada for our customer’s privacy protection.


ConnectWise is the leading business automation solution designed for IT solution providers, MSPs, and technology consultants. As a ConnectWise Partner, we leverage the business automation solution to help businesses better manage projects, centralize and store customer information, and accurately gather and store financial data.



ESET, an IT security company, specializes in award-winning anti-virus and security software designed to protect users while they’re in the office or at home. As an ESET Partner, we’re able to help businesses maintain security and compliance while combating emerging security threats.



Microsoft Azure is an open and flexible cloud computing platform and infrastructure for building, deploying, and managing applications and services. As a Microsoft Azure Partner, we’re able to help businesses take advantage of Microsoft’s datacenters to decrease IT costs, improve flexibility, and maintain a competitive edge.



Fortinet, a worldwide provider of network security applications, offers products and subscription services designed to provide high-performance protection against threats. As a Fortinet Partner, we’re able to leverage their network security applications to help businesses improve security, maintain compliance, and reduce risks.



Anchor, a leading file synchronization and sharing solution provider, combined with eFolder to leverage their time-tested infrastructure, in order to deliver feature-rich file sync and sharing services. As an Anchor by eFolder Partner, we’re able to help businesses access their data on the go via mobile devices while securely collaborating with others. Affinity utilizes Anchors Canadian datacenter to ensure all customer data is hosted in Canada for our customers privacy protection.